Highlight of Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza for Hong Kong Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 – Barney Cheng’s Extravagant Journey

I was thrilled to be among the supermodels and celebrities at the cocktail reception at the most anticipated Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza 2011 for Hong Kong Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 showcasing some internationally renowned fashion designers’ latest collections. The glamorous cocktail reception and the dazzling show were held at the magnificent Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre with panoramic sea view. While the breathtaking designer collections were being presented on the runway, the guests all dressed up stylistically for the show were having their own fashion parade below the stage. Beautiful clothes for beautiful people, doesn’t it sound cool?

Keita Maruyama, a fashion designer from Japan who participated in Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza 2011 and the Japanese top model, Ai Tominaga

The event featured four Asian designers from Japan (Keita Maruyama), Korea (Doii Lee), China (Alex Wang), and Hong Kong (Barney Cheng). Each designer conveyed a strong character in their collections but my preference is to stay with Barney Cheng (please excuse me), the outrageously talented Hong Kong designer considering Hong Kong was the host city and from whose models I saw the signature looks that best represent the graceful and fashion-conscious temperament of Hong Kong ladies. Barney Cheng Fall/Winter 2011 collection was truly an eye catcher. It incorporated evening dresses and ball gowns made in luxurious fabrics like faux fur, leather, silk satin, and beaded chiffon and embellished with plenty of couture elements and to great detail. A play of silver and gold colors was accentuated with an extensive use of metallic fabric to add a glamorous and futuristic touch to the collection. On top of that, the designer created an interesting texture and a variety of styles of and in the outfits by contrasting the thickest faux fur mink over the sheerest beaded chiffon gown and the business-like suit jacket over the flowy pleated tiered party dress respectively.

Lisa S., a top model from Hong Kong

The traditional qiapo inspired evening gown with the handmade floral button detail (they were in fact two buckles) added an oriental touch to the design.

The finale was a couture parade displaying Barney Cheng’s exquisite craftsmanship and supreme quality where the stunning crystal encrusted silk satin dress and the luxurious fur cape surely wow you.

Barney Cheng Fall/Winter 2011 collection was indeed the attention to details
collection. I especially like the Chinese style long robe trimmed in metallic silver yarn embroidery (in the middle) which had brought the Chinese empress alive on the runway.

The designer, Barney Cheng and his guest models

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