Bita Pourtavoosi’s Metropolitan Design: Less Is More

This is GV Miao’s second trail post blogged for scheduled to be published in May after the Royal Wedding. Have a preview here and leave us your comments, appreciated!

Diann Valentine, a world renowned event designer and wedding planner famous for having organized internationally acclaimed weddings for celebrities like Usher, Toni Braxton, and Boyz II Men crooner Shawn Stockman just to name a few wearing a New York fashion handmade jewellery designer Bita Pourtavoosi’s “Big Chunk of Onyx Ring” and “3 Hoop Earrings” effortlessly demonstrated modern metropolitan style by accessorizing with jewellery. And she looked just jaw droppingly gorgeous. I reckon no one knows the meaning of cosmopolitan chic better than Bita Pourtavoosi whose designs project the typical New York-style simplicity, freshness, and cleanliness yet not without details and the amazing attention to superior materials and unsurpassed quality workmanship.

Big Chunk of a Stone Ring: the design is simple with subtle details. The ring features a large tiger’s eye with stripes framed by an exquisitely textured 24K yellow gold plated brass frame. By wearing this on your finger, you surely share minimal fashion taste of New Yorkers.

Hammered 3 Hoop Earring: one of my favourite pieces which best projects cosmopolitan chic. These 24K yellow gold plated brass earrings are hand hammered to perfection, which reflects the designer’s dedication and passion for her craft, art, and design.

Bita Pourtavoosi’s collection consists of a wide range of striking jewellery items that are perfect for almost every occasion. Each of the fashion jewellery pieces from Bita is handcrafted by the designer herself using semi precious stones, which makes her designs even more luxurious and unique as no two pieces are exactly alike, ensuring each owner that they end up with a unique piece of jewellery all their own that matches their individual personality.

Stacker Bangles with Cabochons: a definitely interesting piece which allows you to mix and match and create a set that is all your own as you desire. Each gold bangle is embellished with three semi precious stones – green aventurine, turquoise howlite, gold plated pyrite, white howlite, and tiger’s eye just to name a few. The beautiful colour combinations can certainly brighten up the dull grayness of city life.

Bita Pourtavoosi’s jewellery collection is a must-have for every metropolitan girl like you and me. Don’t hesitate to come visit and shop with us at See you there!

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  1. She’s very creative and talented….you too my sweet doll….congratz for the post…..Good one…

  2. Thanks very much. Bita’s awesome. Btw what do you think about the layout of my blog? I’m thinking of making a change…

  3. Thanks William. You’re always the most supportive blogger and kind to me. I can’t possibly move on with what I’m doing without someone like you.

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