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Let’s keep CLEOPATRA legend alive!

When I first saw the luxurious jewellery collection by Sheena Bulsara the award winning London based designer of Grant Riley Styling and Geoff Reardon Competition, I saw Cleopatra.

Challenging myself to create the modern image of Cleopatra, I would still make the young Elisabeth Taylor playing Cleopatra, the legendary female Pharaoh of ancient Egypt in an evergreen Hollywood classic “Cleopatra” as an ideal model of beauty and power the icon of Sheena’s label called “Handmade with Love” but restyle her with Sheena’s jewellery, which design I reckon is a perfect blend of vintage and new, luxury and down-to-earth wearability, and of the empress’ nobleness and ladylike grace. How do you like my idea to advertise your brain-child and I will be thinking of more, Sheena?

Vintage jewel components and modern craftsmanship are the signature of Sheena’s design. This Sunken Treasure Necklace displays the beauty of a vintage piece with high style and superior craftsmanship updating the styling, quality and value for the modern image of Cleopatra.

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