Hey Girls, Let’s Get Changed And Ring In Spring!

Listen up! This is GV Miao’s first official blog post written for artistspringboard.com Yeah it’s OFFICIAL!

Spring is in the air and if you got sick of the dullness of your thick winter coats, why not fill up your wardrobes with Britt Beale an up-and-coming British designer’s cheerful spring collection, and let the designer transform you into a floral fairy? Britt’s designs exude irresistible girlish charm and sweetness. The beautiful floral patterns and special prints and the pastel colour palette, both cool and warm ranging from lilac to tangerine win the hearts of the girls obsessed with idyllic romance and fantasy. On top of that, the collection is mainly made out of comfy and feminine fabrics like cotton and lace with exquisite embellished details such as frills and ruffles, which would surely make the perfect companion for a spring garden tea party. You want to catch people’s eyes during any moment in this elegant outdoor event? You know what to wear.

Frilly jersey hot pants printed with roses and lacey cut off leggings with a frilly hem: Britt’s collection is full of stunning pieces in which I especially like these white lace leggings, which can effortlessly stylize and glam up any outfit while add a sexy touch to it.

Sheer lilac frilly zip top printed with roses and floral sailor dress: this romantic purple floral cotton dress nicely coordinated with the sheer frilly jacket in the same colour tone can easily transform the wearer into a floral fairy, and make her the focus of a spring garden party. The floral dress is definitely worth the buy. It feels so comfy and cozy. It is simple yet not without lovely details. So don’t miss out!

Fifties style vintage print dress: a very 1950s silhouette, style and attitude this dress has and reminds me of always elegant Jackie O. A retro print of light blue and red flowers blossom on a white cotton background is speechlessly fabulous.

Pretty white ruffled shirt with bird motif and patchwork print vintage cut shorts: the girlish shirt design and the cheerful tangerine patchwork print shorts certainly kick the greyness of winter away. What are you waiting for? Let’s get changed and ring in spring!

I am totally into Britt Beale’s fancy girly collection which would enable me to feel the freshness of spring by wearing it. How about you? Come visit artistspringboard boutique and bring your favourite items home.

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