Northampton Rocks! I See Rosy Future for Fashion in Graduate Catwalk Show

The University of Northampton’s School of The Arts Graduate Fashion Show at Royal & Derngate took place on the 23rd June featuring collections from graduating Year 3 students from the Division of Fashion and Textiles, as well as a Year 2 collection. What impressed me most about the participating designers-to-be were their unflinching enthusiasm for fashion and adventurous attitude coupled with a willingness to try new things embodied in each design. It is often said that it is a long way to the top, and it will take one a big chunk of time, effort and concentration before securing a unique place on the international fashion stage. Many of them cannot bear the frustration and quit halfway. Nevertheless, the wowing collections presented offered such an opportunity for seeing tremendous potential in the future British designers, creating plenty of optimism about the future of fashion. Guys, you are on the right track.

A humorous interpretation of the trendiest jumpsuits, tight pant sets and mini dresses in a kaleidoscope of colors and prints exuded the 70s glamour and sexiness. The most playful part was that Dalmatians wearing the same style of clothing as the models were brought up to the stage to walk the runway.

Northampton’s fashion graduates’ works abounded with creativity techniques and echoed the designers’ personality. Using the fabrics such as leather in a novel way and experimenting with textures, drapes and pleats got the graduate collections one step closer to the mature professional level.

White never fails with some edginess shown in its structure, this catwalk piece was reminiscent of the structural beauty inspired by Antwerp six.

Apparently, the Barbie doll silhouette, the basket weave texture and the hot pink and orange color palettes have reflected the designer’s sanguine temperament with girlish wit.

7 Responses to Northampton Rocks! I See Rosy Future for Fashion in Graduate Catwalk Show

  1. Such great designs. It must take sooo much work to be a fashion designer. I really appreciate how their creativity and hardwork make the rest of us look good. Such talented people! <3 H

  2. wow….new gen have great hidden talents….I really like this designs….congratz my girl Vicki too…

  3. Thanks Heidi and Kamani for your comments. Yea we do need some talented young designers like the Northampton graduates to inherit the already exciting fashion industry.

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