FashionCamp Milano 2011 Part Three: Isabella Zocchi’s Shoe Kingdom

On the second day of FashionCamp Milano, I discovered hidden treasures at the MAYLILY booth. The guest designer Isabella Zocchi approached me warm-heartedly yet professionally with her candy-colored shoes along with a detailed explanation of her designs, from where she seeks inspiration to the materials used and the production process. Isabella, do you know that your beautiful smiles as bright as summer sunshine can become your signature, which would allow you to make an emotional connection with your customers, thus building brand loyalty? I always have problems buying shoes in Asia; it is due to either the quality issue or too much ordinary stuff not worth the money filling the market. After meeting Isabella at the camp, I know where to buy high-quality wearable footwear of exceptional style with exquisite details. Each pair of Isabella’s shoes is handmade using the best quality vegetable tanned leather constructed by an Italian expert artisan. You will surely agree that Italian footwear and the finest Italian leather are a national treasure after reading this post. Are you ready to go on a treasure hunt?

Alice’s Land – The Rich Garden Series: Isabella Zocchi Collezioni launched two lines, “Alice’s Land” for the girls who are romantic, sweet and sexy and “Eva in the Desert” for the tasteful and stylish working women. Girls like pink. In the designer’s own words: “I aim to wow my young customers with the attractive candy colors making them as excited as a little girl in a candy store.” On top of that, glossy patent leather is the main trend this season. I reckon this pair of pink grapefruit patent leather decollete shoes is a summer must-have.

Alice’s Land – The Rich Garden Series: Acid green patent leather slingback high heels go perfect with a slinky and elegant skirt or casual capris.

Alice’s Land – The Rich Garden Series: This pair of mandarin patent leather Mary Jane shoes is amazingly adorable and timeless.

Eva in the Desert – Maculato Series: Black patent leather Eva wedge pumps and stingray giraffe print inserts which are a luxury design feature suit for women of taste and style.

Isabella Zocchi the talented Italian couture fashion accessory designer

If you can’t get enough of Isabella’s designs, click to see the whole collection here Handbags are also available in Isabella Zocchi Collezioni. Watch out! You will get obsessed like me.

Styling: Mari Land
Jewelery by Evelyn La Starza’s MAYLILY

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  1. Indeed and the designer is amazing. Thank you Louise for your lovely comment. With love x

  2. Thanks Deepam and Mari for the comments.
    Deepam, I wish you could be a successful shoe designer in the near future.
    Mari, me too, I love the details of the Maculato shoes. Can’t find it here in Asia.

    With love x

  3. Thanks very much Mariagrazia for your kindest words. I’m glad you like my posts. Btw I didn’t see you on my followers’ list? Did you follow me via Networked Blogs, Google or Bloglovin? Pls stay in touch. I’m updating my blog in the meantime. Thank you.

    With love, GV Miao fashion blog

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