That’s What the Dream Combination Is Meant To Be

At FashionCamp Milano 2011, I saw the dream combination of style and artistic creativity, which was Giulia Boccafogli‘s contemporary leather jewellery, Annapaola Rapacciuolo‘s exquisite miniature jewellery with a vintage flavor, and Chiara Salvioli‘s high quality, detail oriented fashion pieces being proudly shown off in one go. The three brilliant and enthusiastic designers from different parts of Italy got together in Milan to pursue their dreams of getting known to the world with their one-of-a-kind designs which illuminate with expertise, uniqueness, and craftsmanship. I have so much respect for you guys!

Being an architect-turned-designer, Giulia has designed jewelry collections which fully reflect proportional beauty, strive for aesthetic and structural harmony, and play around with the use of materials. Her latest collection of exclusive leather jewelery showcased at the camp is called “Leaves.” Producing this signature flower leather necklace required a lot of hand quilting and collage techniques, which took a long time to complete according to the designer and therefore no two pieces are exactly the same. Customers do not only pay for the design which is uniquely theirs, but also for the designer’s passion for perfection and handcraftsmanship. Accessorizing Chiara’s one-piece dress with Giula’s flower leather necklace was the best way to manifest the gracefulness and tastefulness of European women.

I have got my necklace like this one as a gift from Giulia. It goes perfectly well with my white beaded tunic top. Thanks Giulia!

Le Chou Chou adorable miniature jewelry by Annapaola Rapacciuolo can absolutely capture every girl’s heart. Inspired by Marcel Proust’s Swann’s Way, the designer named each item from the “La Petite” collection after the characters and places in the novel. The vintage teacup and cookies bracelet, the most darling whimsical little teacup ring and pendant, the classy teapot bracelet, and the heart shaped chocolate cake ring (yummmm!!!) all reminded of the good old days. How can you not feel the sweetness of wearing any of them?

Chiara’s collection is classic, elegant and timeless featuring deluxe fabrics and refined details, and this style is most evident in the design of this printed silk lined jacket made of upholstery fabric. The multicolored printed silk lining and earth-toned furniture fabric used as the face fabric created the most distinct contrast possible in texture and color, which best represents the designer’s thoughtfulness and sensitivity which bring creativity stimulation in the fashion world.

Having the chance of meeting face-to-face with the local Italian designers during this memorable fashion trip to Milan made me realize that what really won my applause and eternal respect for these three talented designers was the way they show their devotion and commitment to fashion. They are not in a hurry to quickly design and produce that they sacrifice quality for quantity as a result, nor do they ever go for the second best. Their creativity and originality overflow with abundance; they would only give their customers the best of their designs which are unique and extraordinarily special with typical Italian design flair. Trust me, you will surely get addicted to the Italian designs like I do after reading this post.

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    • Indeed it was! Giulia (the designer) is so talented. I was glad to know her in person at the fashion camp.
      Btw, any chance that we can collaborate with each other so as to draw traffic to our blogs?

      Thank you for your comment. With love xoxo

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