My Design Debut with Won Design of the Day!

My design debut with won Design of the Day!

I can’t believe that there are tons of contestants entering the design contest by every day and my design was chosen as the winner. Bloggers can also become designers now. The result was also announced on unitedstyles’ facebook page.

I never thought of designing my own clothes but with things are becoming possible. Everyone can develop his/her design potential and create one-of-a-kind outfits according to personal taste with the help of the choice of silhouettes and styles suggested by Did it bring back your memories of those days when you loved playing dress up games with your sisters?

This mini cocktail dress exudes sweet sensation and femininity meant to be for girls with a cheerful and adorable personality who fancy bright colors. The design brings your attention to the sexy ruffled off shoulder neckline. I picked the floral prints for their sense of summer and youth conveyed.

design debut

If you want to test your creativity and enjoy the fun, come join the contest!

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