Let’s Talk About Love: Tif & Tiffy Valentine’s Day DIY Blogger Event Celebrates the Spirit of True Love

I found this quote widely shared on Facebook around Valentine’s Day which inspires us to reconsider the meaning of Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples,

it’s about love to share;

so think about the people you love,

and let them know you care.

On this year’s Valentine’s Day, I spent the sweetest moment ever with another 29 bloggers and friends invited to Tif & Tiffy Valentine’s Day DIY Workshop where we used our creativity and aesthetic sense to DIY with love a winter accessory chosen for our beloved friends and families (or ourselves). Launched in 2007, Tif & Tiffy is a local brand specializing in high quality knits and furs, first starting with the European retail market and now expanding its business back home in Hong Kong and China.

Fall/Winter 2012 collection

Tif & Tiffy is the brainchild of Ms. Kitty Poon who shared the story behind the brand inspired by her close relationship with her two daughters, Stephanie and Tiffany after whom the brand was named.

Derived from the loving mother-daughter relationship, the brand’s core philosophy is to embrace and celebrate the tasteful life which is built on a foundation of love and of healthy human relationships.

Tif & Tiffy X Keenable Crossover Tote Bag: Tif & Tiffy shows love, compassion and support for the disadvantaged people by collaborating with charitable organizations such as Keenable Creation, a non-profit social enterprise with a mission to promote the disabled artists in Hong Kong and sell their artistic creations, and explore opportunities for them to expand their creative talents to the full by which their quality of life can be enhanced through participation in art and design to convey humanist values that everyone, whether they have a disability or not should be equally entitled to the freedom to create and enjoy their own life full of love and happiness.

We were as excited as kids in a candy store when we saw tons and tons of beautiful colored DIY materials – glass beads, crystal rhinestones, fabric buttons, brooches, you name it placed before us for our selection.

Considering that I spend much time per year in Europe with my beloved partner, I chose to DIY this adorable pair of knitted ear muffs to keep our ears warm in the winter months while my friend, Caroline picked these stylish purple striped gloves.

After almost an hour of “hard work,” ta-da! ladies and gentlemen, my debut DIY ear muffs were finished! I glamorized the headband with matching colored crystal beads and rhinestones of different shapes and decorated the right side of the muff with a super cute butterfly brooch. How do you like them? My friend in the US offered to buy them. What a nice surprise!

It was totally out of my expectation that Kitty picked my ear muffs as her favorite among other DIY designs. Another nice surprise for me! Thank you, Kitty.

When I entered Asia’s Top Glam Bloggers Contest, I was asked to describe my favorite fashion moments. This Tif & Tiffy Valentine’s Day blogger event celebrating the spirit of true love was undoubtedly one of my picks. 30 bloggers including me had all become the most beautiful angels as we shared love with others through fashion, and from which we might even inspire and enlighten the world through creativity. Such core values should exist in each blogger.

Long live love! Everyday is Valentine’s Day.

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    • What can I do without your soothing words? You have no idea how many times I thought of giving up yet it’s your support and positive attitude that changed my mind. I never dare to let you down, Costanza ^^

  1. Thanks Ada and Louise for your lovely comments. I’m gonna come up with a new dress design today to be posted on my fb page. I hope you can give me some comments 🙂

  2. What a beautiful ear warmers! You may consider to open an online store for selling handmade accessories. 🙂

    • Hey I didn’t expect your comment, that’s just a real nice surprise!! You know what I kinda get addicted to fashion design now lol. And who knows, maybe I’ll launch my own brand someday. Let’s see where my God leads me. Thank you for your warmest support xoxo

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