Winner Announcement for La Mode by GV Miao Year-End Gratitude Giveaway Campaign 2012: And the Winner Goes to……



La Mode by GV Miao Year-End Gratitude Giveaway Campaign 2012 was finished perfectly on January 14 with some exceptionally touching, heartfelt, deeply personal and very moving thankful moments of the past year received. Thank you to all our contestants for their interest in taking part and their support for the giveaway which cannot be completed successfully otherwise. It was hard to choose just one winner, but Ms. Browne absolutely deserves to win because her story serves as a reminder to everyone of us that we should be grateful in all circumstances, be they good or bad, for God has a great plan for our lives. All we have to do is to cling onto God’s unfailing promises in the midst of uncertainty, and He will lead us into our land of milk and honey. Here let me share Ms. Browne’s encouraging words which shall become our blessings and the driving force to keep us going everyday in 2013. Live a life of full of gratitude, have faith!

“I am eternally grateful for all the wonderful things God has given me and shown me—not material things but life, friends, family, insight into my life, and the ability to love and be loved. The list is endless! He is truly the greatest and He is truly the way to all that is good! In this world economic downturn; as an up & coming designer it is very hard come up with funding to make a collection to show at Fashion Weeks-but God always makes a way for me. He blessed me several times during 2012 that afforded me the opportunity to go on a study tour in Europe & meet with Buyers (England, France & Germany), attend an Economic Growth Forum, & Cariforum/EU Business Forum that were fully sponsored. God is continuously making a way for my Label in the world of Fashion. Through the pain, hardships and discouragement I have encountered during 2012; I have realized God’s ever-loving presence no matter how hard things may be. For that I am truly Grateful!” – Tamiko Browne

Ms. Browne will be awarded with our one and only La Mode by GV Miao 2nd Anniversary canvas shopper bag. We will contact her directly for the details of gift collection shortly. Congratulations!

La Mode by GV Miao hopes that you found 2012 memorable, rewarding and full of moments of gratitude and joy. Stay tuned for more upcoming exceptional giveaways in 2013!

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