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by GV Miao

Review of My Exceptional Festive Season Part 2: Tracing the Missing Postcolonial Culture of Hong Kong

February 13, 2014 in Brands, Culture, East Meets West, Fashion, Jack Wills, Postcolonialism, Season's Greetings, slide-show, Slideshow by GV Miao

More than sixteen years after Hong Kong’s reunification with China has brought about joy mingled with sadness and a mix of gains and losses. What fading fast which, however, I am reluctant to see is what once defined a special cultural identity of the city – the east-meet-west British postcolonial culture. To start my new year, I decided to tour around Hong Kong to rediscover traces of Hong Kong’s former British heritage. My first stop was Jack Wills.

Festive Experience Part 2 (1)

From the moment I stepped into the shop, I felt like I was going through a nostalgic journey to reminisce about the colonial days. The national flag of the United Kingdom and the portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II were familiar, yet alienated. A classic British vibe permeated every corner. Embracing genuine British heritage and celebrating chic college style, Jack Wills, richly decorated with artworks hung along the staircase and a jeep with the signature pink and navy stripes which is a teenage icon to represent individuality, passion and adventure in the middle of the sales floor, exuded the noble and dynamic English collegiate atmosphere which can rarely be experienced elsewhere in today’s Hong Kong. What is more, the fireplace typically found in European households and the splendid crystal chandelier were wonderfully evocative of a traditional English home during the festive times.

My Festive Experience Part 2 (2)

My Festive Experience Part 2 (3)

My Festive Experience Part 2 (4)

My Festive Experience Part 2 (5)

My Festive Experience Part 2 (6)

Venue: Jack Wills flagship store Hong Kong, Shop L02, Leighton Centre, 77 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Then I headed west towards the Sheung Wan District, the most populated Chinese residential area during early British rule which had witnessed East-West cultural encounters in the history of Hong Kong. As I was wandering rather aimlessly along Hollywood Road, I spotted the stairs halfway down the road leading down to the almost unnoticeable Mee Lun Street. Being in an exploring mood, I went down to find out what have been “hidden” there – didn’t let me down! What I saw was the epitome of East-West hybridity. An interesting and exotic contrast between an European style tea room and a neighbouring shop, both featuring a festively and colorfully painted façade on one side of the street and an antique Chinese statue placed outdoors (obviously there is an antique shop nearby, I did not see the entrance though) just a few footsteps away in the opposite alley brought back bits and pieces of vivid memories of the colonial times.

My outfit:

Faux fur Ilkley Jacket and jewel embellished neckline Lanting Dress both by Jack Wills

Gemstone embellished fluffy bag by Che Che New York

Beige two tone patent leather Mary Jane pumps by Staccato

My Festive Experience Part 2 (7)

My Festive Experience Part 2 (8)

My Festive Experience Part 2 (9)

Venue: Antique Patisserie, G/F, Shop C, Mee Lun Street, Central, Hong Kong

I continued my trip to Tsim Sha Tsui but I chose not to continue to stay on the road. Instead, I took a ride on the ferry across the infamous Victoria Harbour to the Kowloon side for a breathtaking night view. I was lucky enough to snap this traditional Chinese junk called “Duk Ling” which is an old symbol of the East reminding the origins of the city when it was first settled more than a century ago by the English colonists.

My Festive Experience Part 2 (10)

Venue: Victoria Harbour, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

The wheel of time turns, and ages come and go, but we are still proud to call Hong Kong our home and thrilled to be surrounded by more illuminated skyscrapers. May the Pearl of the Orient shine bright forever! Happy 2014, Hong Kong!

by GV Miao

Review of My Exceptional Festive Season Part 1 – Fashion Fellowship: Christmas Isn’t Christmas Till Jesus Comes Into Your Heart

January 16, 2014 in Designers, Fashion, Fashion Fellowship, Season's Greetings, slide-show, Slideshow, The Sound of Music by GV Miao

My Exceptional Festive Season (1) Fashion Fellowship Picnic

Sadly and pitifully, Christmas under economy-driven culture has degenerated into unlimited consumerism, indulgent partying and epicurean holidays – simply a superficial entertaining idea, anything but spiritual and religious. With God’s love and grace we a group of christians working in fashion got together in fellowship this Christmas to create an exceptional festive experience which revealed the true meaning of Christmas. We did not have either an expensive luxury feast or Santa Claus coming to town to give everyone their dream gift. All we had was a simple down-to-earth picnic in the pasture overlooking the scenic beauty of Inspiration Lake. Feeling blessed to be in a little oasis amid the hustle and bustle and get close to nature, we praised the greatness of God displayed in His creation and celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ – the best Christmas gift we ever receive from God by singing hymns. Without fancy food, we enjoyed a delightful casual meal filled with love with all the goods that God has given us, whether they be fresh fruits or colorful blooming daisies to spruce up the picnic basket, we gave thanks with a grateful heart. But God gives us even more grace. We had among us some amazing cooks who shared their yummy homemade snacks and desserts, which was absolutely the perfect way to round off our Christmas lunch.

This thoughtful picnic themed as “The Sound of Music” was the birthday present we gave to Jesus. Knowing that the creative and aesthetic sense we have is on loan from heaven above, we make the best use of our talent and offer it back with our love. See how the ladies transformed themselves into Maria von Trapp with style:

Different styles of hats are the must-have items to create the modern Sound of Music” look. Which one best suits your personality, a girly monogram fedora or chic leopard print hat? Renowned for her classic glamorous design, Hidy, who dressed up in feathers for our fashion picnic, exuded a sense of casual glamour.

Fashion Fellowship: Christmas Picnic (2) Read the rest of this entry →

by GV Miao

Paraiso Purse Giveaway Final Call! Incredible Encounter – Interview with Stephanie Burkhalter@Burkhalter Couture in Milano (Part 4)

December 19, 2013 in Brands, Burkhalter Couture, Caribbean-Inspired, Clutch Purses, collaboration, Collections, Couture, Designers, Exotic Glam, Fashion, Fashion Trips, Gift Giveaway Contest, Interview, Milano, Paraiso, slide-show, Slideshow, Stephanie Burkhalter by GV Miao

When: July 22, 2013

Where: Burkhalter Couture studio in Via Tortona, Milano

Who: Fashion blogger Vicki Victoire (Gwen Vikkey Miao) from Hong Kong, couture designer/founder of Burkhalter Couture Stephanie Burkhalter from Geneva

Grasp last chance to win! 

It has been more than three months since the 4-Part Paraiso Purse Giveaway was first launched. Here comes the countdown to the announcement of the winner. If you still have not registered the last three rounds of the game, click on “Incredible Encounter – Interview with Stephanie Burkhalter@Burkhalter Couture in Milano (Part 1) & Paraiso Purse Giveaway,” “Paraiso Purse Giveaway Continues: Incredible Encounter – Interview with Stephanie Burkhalter@Burkhalter Couture in Milano (Part 2)” and “More Fun to Come! Paraiso Purse Giveaway Round 3: Incredible Encounter – Interview with Stephanie Burkhalter@Burkhalter Couture in Milano (Part 3),” read through and follow the instructions on the individual post to enter all three parts of the giveaway plus answer one last question about part 4 of my interview with Stephanie Burkhalter as below, you may then win it all!

The winner will be awarded a made in Italy, one of a kind and totally handcrafted clutch purse embellished with lace and a ribbon in your choice of color and pattern from Burkhalter Couture‘s Panama-inspired Paraiso Collection worth €40 and a special gift from me.

La Mode by GV Miao X Stephanie Burkhalter Giveaway (Part 4)

Question about part 4: Stephanie Burkhalter headed off to ________ to showcase her collection 2 months after our interview (please write your answer in the comment space below).

A. Hong Kong

B. New York

C. London

Entry period: from now until December 31, 2013 (11:59pm PST)

Terms and conditions:

  • In case of any disputes regarding the giveaway, our decision will be final.

  • The winner will be announced here and on La Mode by GV Miao facebook fan page on January 1, 2014. We will contact the winner via facebook for prize collection shortly.

Interested but still hesitate? Enter NOW before it’s too late! What better way to start the new year in style by winning a head-turning purse tailor-made only for you?!