Wish Every Day was Christmas!

Hong Kong White Christmas Street Fair 2014

Arrrggghhh! I know, I know, everyone has got back into work mode after the Christmas and New Year breaks a few weeks back except me. I have literally had difficulties getting over my prolonged holiday mentality since I came back from a merry Christmas getaway in Taichung (this time procrastination is more intense than ever but what can I do?). Okay anyway I am so not ready to go back to reality, I may as well indulge myself in staying in wonderland a bit longer, mentally though. Before the trip, I paid my first visit to a snowless white Christmas market here in Hong Kong, White Christmas Street Fair 2014 as whimsical, playful and colorful as Alice in Wonderland and as delicious as Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory hearty with phenomenal goodies – edibles, luscious sweets jewelry, luxury aromatherapy products, adorable homewares, festive decors, all you can eat, shop and enjoy. I allow my thoughts to revolve around this little slice of paradise, which already makes me feel more at ease with my stressful life. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an obsessive consumerist constantly using shopping therapy to beat stress; in fact, I am quite against material culture. But I guess having an epicurean adventure once in a while won’t do any harm, right? Let me take you on a photo walk through this big fun party. I am sure that will make you wish it were Christmas every day.

White Christmas Street Fair 2014, Hong Kong

Food and drinks: Levain Bakery, ABC Cake House, Sugar
In such a very cool outdoor market, it was impossible not to follow your nose to and head straight for the foodie section where freshly baked European pastries and the amazing smell of hot French mulled wine made an irresistible open-air Christmas snack stop.



Sweets jewelry: JenBrial Patisserie
As I continued walking along, a kaleidoscope of fancies delightfully displayed at a stall named JenBrial Patisserie caught my eye. Don’t get this delectable jewelry brand mistaken for another bakery. The cute looking macaroons and marshmallows, mouth-watering Oreos and divinely decorated cupcakes served there cannot satisfy your sweet tooth, but they can surely pamper your style by turning into one-of-a-kind handmade clay accessories including pendants, necklaces, bracelets and brooches. You know what, the most beautiful part about this is that you can stay fit with all these favorite sweets and desserts without gaining a single pound – good news for girls eh?!


Aromatherapy products: Anouk
Outer beauty is important but inner health is what counts. Aromatherapy expert, Anouk was featured in the next booth. A mix of incredible scents of healing candles and different essential oils wafting in the air was enough to rejuvenate the visitors (ummmmm….. smells so good!).


Homewares and festive decors: Chic Home Deco, TeamRite
Who said we cannot maintain the Christmas spirit alive all year long? Here are the tricks to keep the holiday cheer flowing in your house: customize your fairy home with funny cartoon style items, or go for the traditional way to get your warm and cozy room decked out with the classic German handmade woolen decors and ceramic cutout lamps/candle holders.


Entertainment: gingerbread man DIY workshop and teen modern dance performance


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