Dear followers, fashionistas and friends,

Welcome to visit my blog. Your support has been the sweetest thing that happened in my life. If you want to contact me, please email to or

Vicki Victoire/Gwen Vikkey Miao (GV Miao)

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  1. Thanks Terrance how sweet!!
    I gotta win Asia’s Top Glam Bloggers competition kicked off on February 1. Hope you would spread the word and invite people to follow my blog. It’s time to make my name be known to the fashion world as a good blogger so I can further expand my blogging business. Your support would mean everything to me.

  2. there are model combatant who give a good produce in order to have a first place !! who let me passionately fond of the to descover the end of the test .congratulation for the first place !!!.I hoppe for you always number 1

    • Hi Uche Jesus,
      Thanks very much for your interest in my blog post about African fashion show in Hong Kong. It’s my post event article on Amina Lamarre and Virginie Villa’s presentation of their collections. Amina is an amateur French-African fashion designer. What other information you would like to know? I’m contacting Amina and see if I can shoot her new pieces added to the collection.

      Is there anything I can help you with? If you like my blog, please feel free to follow it by simply clicking, then the “follow” button and it’s done. Please do not stop sharing your thoughts about fashion on my blog. Thank you. Stay in touch 🙂

    • Thanks very much, King. Please do keep me posted on the progress of your discussion with Laura this week. I’m much looking forward to working with you both on the Hollywood awards event. It sounds huge. Hope things are gonna work out eventually, which would possibly make our names known to the world.
      Just to make you aware that I’m currently in Hong Kong, will that be a problem?

      Stay in touch, talk soon.

    • Thanks very much for your kindest words, Sterling Capricio 🙂
      You’re right. Passion is very important. People may say I don’t really have the professional knowledge but my professional attitude counts! Have you seen the pictures of my model debut at African Fashion Show “I Wear Africa” posted on my fan page A post event blog post will go live soon. Please stay tuned.
      I felt particularly honored that Ms. Laurianne Dufay, the talented and beautiful French creative director of Lexclusif and the official hairstylist of Alexandre de Paris sponsored me with a fabulous hairstyling for my model debut.
      Make-up was sponsored by Fancl the prestigious Japanese skincare brand.
      I insisted on doing it the professional way!

      Please spread the word if you like my blog. Always welcome to share your thoughts about fashion with me and other followers on my page and on my blog.

      Please stay in touch. Love xoxo

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