My 10 Best in the "Big Four" Fashion Weeks Spring/Summer 2010…. what about yours??

Before the closing of the season, I wanna share with you my 10 best in the “Big Four” Fashion Weeks 2010 spring/summer. What about yours??

#01 Bottega Veneta, the Detail

The organza red carpet gown in red best elucidates the aesthetics in a subtle manner. Love it!!

#02 Alexander McQueen, Surreal Shoes

McQueen’s “surreal shoes” that seem to be possible only in Dali’s surrealist paintings become a reality on the runway. An absolutely compelling visual experience’s fascinated every single audience.

#03 Valentino, the Background

A delicate blend of background projection, Antony & the Johnsons’ noise pop and Valentino’s design realizes catalysis of imagination.

#04 Louis Vuitton, the Proposal

A collection which absolutely confronts the Japanese street subculture; how can we not admire Marc Jacobs’ wit ever??

#05 Miu Miu, Cat People

Putting kittens and nude women together doesn’t only awaken women’s lust for girlhood, but also point out the contradiction of the two.

#06 Celine, the Mood

That’s what “modern”s meant to be; Phoebe Philo’s revolutionary comeback collection for Celine lays the foundation for women’s fashion in the 21st century.

#07 Dior, Detective Bag

The launch of the Detective Bag, a mannish briefcase-like handbag contrasts sharply with Dior ready-to-wear collection with extensive sexy feminine lingerie references. Dior’s iconic black leather Detective Bag’s made a gesture of pride when handbags seem to be downtrending.

#08 Prada, Clear Shoes

Clear plastic shoes are Cinderella’s glass slippers; they’re also a typical costume for porn. We juz can’t get enough of Prada’s play of double meaning.

#09 Lanvin, the Collection

Alber Elbaz modifies and adds more this and that into Lanvin’s signature looks to make it a brand-new collection. This season focuses on cocktail dress design. Elbaz presents sparkling cocktail dresses from which I specially love the crystal bead jumpsuit highlighting Lavin’s eminent craftsmanship.

#10 Chanel, the Show

Lily Allen suddenly popped out of the hay from the floor with her band accompanied with the models’ a-go-go dance performing “Not Fair”s of the best entertainment at Paris Fashion Week.

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