Magnan & Tse: French-Chinese Fashion Fusion

In a wonderful quiet corner in the heart of the city, I found this chic boutique with a strong character owned by a Parisian-born Chinese architect turned fashion designer, Tse Yuen-Man. Tse started her career as an architect until two years ago in 2009, she launched the precious apparel brand Magnan & Tse. That explains why Tse’s designs exude structural beauty and focus on silhouette. In one word, her design style is Chinese in spirit with French basics.

From the moment you step through the front door, your eyes will automatically be attracted to the comfy signature “jewel-T shirts” with hand embroidery and rhinestone motifs on the window mannequins, which reflect the designer’s design philosophy that the perfect attire for modern women should be easy to carry, simple yet not without delicate details; feminine yet modern and chic, and of soft and comfortable high quality and with exquisite craftsmanship, which allows busy working women to feel confident in it during the day and look enchanting with gorgeous accessories in any evening functions.

If you are a huge vintage fan like me, I suggest you pick your favourite pieces in Tse’s recycled and handpaint vintage collection of bold colours and spectacular prints and patterns to fill up your wardrobe. Magnan & Tse has got a full hanging rail of 60’s Go-Go retro style dresses to which the designer introduced variations and embellishments and made alterations to create a modern interpretation of the groovy 60s mod fashion. Are you ready to be a modern 60’s Go-Go dancing queen, girls? Now get yourself a wig and rock the party!

In addition to the signature “jewel-T shirts” and the recycled vintage collection, Tse has just added a computer print line using a high resolution technique for technocolour rendering to her brand. I personally reckon some of the prints showed hints of Vivienne Tam’s early designs. The bright and vibrant oriental colour combinations always make my heart and those who fancy adding a bit Chinese touch to their styling happy.

If Tse’s “jewel-T shirts” appear a little too casual to you for the evening, why not try her trendy, elegant and equally comfy beaded embroidered cocktail dresses which are ideal for both formal and casual events? The flowy silhouette is perfect for pairing heels to sexily sway your body on the dance floor.

At Magnan & Tse, you can choose from a wide range of handmade accessories, envelope clutches, daytime bags and shoes to complete your look, which will make you look stunning day and night.

Though I missed out on the “Forever Better with Miele, by REDRESS” VIP fashion show on the 16th June which aimed at raising public awareness of the importance of recycling used-clothing and textiles and advocating for a fashionable revival of second-hand clothes and textile recycling (what a pity!), I was happy for and so proud of Yuen-Man as one of the participating designers who created two Mandarin inspired, one piece Cheongsam dresses out of second-hand clothes for the show, which best represented her Chinese origin and showed her keenness for recycling clothing. Respect! Please click into for the review of the show.

Magnan & Tse
G/F 15 Aberdeen Street. Soho
Hong Kong

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  1. Halo! I read your post finally! wow colorful and attractive clothings.In photo n5 I like the printed dresses and I think that in Italy is hard to find a store like that: concept store by international influence. Only in Milan or Florence ^_^ ‘

  2. I’m grateful, Mari. As I said you’re one of a very few who actually read my words. Yuen-Man is an architect; she started her fashion business 2 years ago. Her story reminded me of the jewelry designer I met in the camp, Giulia Boccafogli, you know her? She’s also an architect. I reckon people in Milan will carry Yuen-Man’s designs very well cuz they’re chic and modern. Yuen-Man’s not a big designer yet, her designs are worth mentioning tho. As a blogger, I must explore the niche market.

    Grazie. Un bacio xx

  3. oh.. so nice post.)
    Love your blog.))

    I now spend a survey of bloggers with such questions.
    1. Why did you create a blog?
    2. For whom you taking him? Want to be popular?
    3. How long will it keep going?

  4. Hi thanks Mary. May I know what specifically made you like my blog?
    I was just back from Milan to attend the fashion camp 2011. Before the camp, I had an interview with them. Maybe you can take a look at this–-an-oriental-perspective/ which may answer some of your questions.
    Of course I want to be popular as every blogger does. I’ll continue to blog as long as my followers still love reading them.
    Thank you for your support. Pls stay in touch and let me know the result of the survey.

    GV Miao fashion blog

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