When: July 22, 2013

Where: Burkhalter Couture studio in Via Tortona, Milano

Who: Fashion blogger Vicki Victoire (Gwen Vikkey Miao) from Hong Kong, couture designer/founder of Burkhalter Couture Stephanie Burkhalter from Geneva

Grasp last chance to win! 

It has been more than three months since the 4-Part Paraiso Purse Giveaway was first launched. Here comes the countdown to the announcement of the winner. If you still have not registered the last three rounds of the game, click on “Incredible Encounter – Interview with Stephanie Burkhalter@Burkhalter Couture in Milano (Part 1) & Paraiso Purse Giveaway,” “Paraiso Purse Giveaway Continues: Incredible Encounter – Interview with Stephanie Burkhalter@Burkhalter Couture in Milano (Part 2)” and “More Fun to Come! Paraiso Purse Giveaway Round 3: Incredible Encounter – Interview with Stephanie Burkhalter@Burkhalter Couture in Milano (Part 3),” read through and follow the instructions on the individual post to enter all three parts of the giveaway plus answer one last question about part 4 of my interview with Stephanie Burkhalter as below, you may then win it all!

The winner will be awarded a made in Italy, one of a kind and totally handcrafted clutch purse embellished with lace and a ribbon in your choice of color and pattern from Burkhalter Couture‘s Panama-inspired Paraiso Collection worth €40 and a special gift from me.

La Mode by GV Miao X Stephanie Burkhalter Giveaway (Part 4)

Question about part 4: Stephanie Burkhalter headed off to ________ to showcase her collection 2 months after our interview (please write your answer in the comment space below).

A. Hong Kong

B. New York

C. London

Entry period: from now until December 31, 2013 (11:59pm PST)

Terms and conditions:

  • In case of any disputes regarding the giveaway, our decision will be final.

  • The winner will be announced here and on La Mode by GV Miao facebook fan page on January 1, 2014. We will contact the winner via facebook for prize collection shortly.

Interested but still hesitate? Enter NOW before it’s too late! What better way to start the new year in style by winning a head-turning purse tailor-made only for you?!

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