Paraiso Purse Giveaway Continues: Incredible Encounter – Interview with Stephanie Burkhalter@Burkhalter Couture in Milano (Part 2)

When: July 22, 2013

Where: Burkhalter Couture studio in Via Tortona, Milano

Who: Fashion blogger Vicki Victoire (Gwen Vikkey Miao) from Hong Kong, couture designer/founder of Burkhalter Couture Stephanie Burkhalter from Geneva

Giveaway with Stephanie Burkhalter (Part 2)

Watch La Mode by GV Miao’s 4 Part Exclusive Live Interview with Stephanie Burkhalter & Win a Paraiso Purse GIVEAWAY continues…….

Let’s explore more of the success story of Stephanie Burkhalter – one of the brightest upcoming designers in Hollywood, showtime! 

Question about part 2: How does Stephanie Burkhalter get creatively inspired? Through 

A. books

B. travel

C. movies

(Please write your answer in the comment space below)

If you have completed the first round, you are now one step closer to the win. Please come back and participate in the second round. But if you haven’t – yet, it is never too late to join the fun. The entry steps haven’t changed, simply watch the four-part video of my interview with Stephanie Burkhalter and answer one simple question asked based on the content of each part of the video (click to watch the part 1 video and answer the question), then follow Stephanie Burkhalter and La Mode by GV Miao facebook fan page and La Mode by GV Miao fashion blog via networkedblogs (click on the “follow” button at the top right corner), and you will get the chance to win a made in Italy and uniquely handcrafted clutch purse embellished with lace and a ribbon in your choice of color and pattern from Burkhalter Couture’s exotic Caribbean style Paraiso Collection plus a special gift from me.

Giveaway campaign with Burkhalter Couture (purse in 6 colors)

Entry period: from now until further announcement after the release of the part 4 video

Terms and conditions:

  • In case of any disputes regarding the giveaway, our decision will be final.

  • The winner will be announced here and on La Mode by GV Miao facebook fan page (announcement date to be confirmed). We will contact the winner via facebook for prize collection shortly.

Sitting in front of me was an enthusiastic, genuine and energetic couture designer proudly showing me her Paraiso (meaning paradise in Spanish and Portuguese) Collection. Stephanie Burkhalter, impressed and inspired by the lively Caribbean lifestyle which centers on music and dance on her recent trip to Panama, created out of passion and Italian made craftsmanship with her magic hands a full collection of clothes and accessories combining original prints and delightful and adventurous hues – turquoise, azure, fuchsia, reddish orange alongside green, tangerine, black, yellow with intricate details and featuring exquisite lace, ribbon and feather embellishments, which perfectly reflected the exhilarating carnival vibes. The elegant yet flirty clothing line consists of sexy silky party dresses and jumpsuits/rompers with sensual silhouettes and soft luxurious textures which accentuate the feminine allure. The flowy ruffles details, fish tails and the asymmetrical hemlines would gracefully enhance the movement of the wearer dancing Panamanian salsa. Pleased but not completely satisfied yet, Stephanie Burkhalter challenged herself to expand the Paraiso Collection to include a comprehensive and cohesive range of accessories from an antique Couture Bag, earrings, necklaces and clutch purses to shoes, which plays spontaneously with seemingly mismatched materials yet turns out effortlessly chic and more than stunning with which she further dramatized her Burkhalter party look for women who seek to make a memorable fashion statement.
Look how Stephanie and I modeled some key pieces:

Antique Couture Bag to go with the same style Rumba Shoes

Play dress up in Burkhalter Couture studio (1)

Play dress up in Burkhalter Couture studio (2)

Play dress up at Burkhalter Couture studio (3)

Play dress up at Burkhalter Couture studio (4)

Play dress up at Burkhalter Couture studio (5)

Barbie Gwen Vikkey” shoes named after my blogging pseudonym “Gwen Vikkey Miao” by Stephanie Burkhalter, my great honor indeed! (Also read Designer’s Muse; Blogger’s Dream: Pretty in Pink “Barbie Gwen Vikkey” Shoes by Stephanie Burkhalter)

My Barbie Gwen Vikkey shoes

Stephanie Burkhalter’s splendid Paraiso shoe kingdom

Burkhalter Couture shoe kingdom

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  1. The answer is “travel”. Her current collection “Paraiso” introduced her to a world of vibrant spirits and color that awoken all of her senses. It contrasted from the somber and cool nature of her previous collections.

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