Everyone can be a Model (Part 2) picture 1

As a blogger, I am quite used to be a regular attendee of fashion shows. It is, however, one thing to watch models performing on stage and quite another to be a model myself. I have never really experienced the magical power of clothes and had a taste of a delicate relationship with the creative mind behind them until I walked out onto the stage to model the looks, which was merely to represent the designer’s original interpretation of fashion and style with my body – my poses and postures. I have written a lot from a reviewer’s perspective about The Original People Design (TOPd)’s signature ethnic exoticism featuring the vibrant colors of passion and unique bold prints by Hong Kong-based French-African designer Amina Lamarre Delafoulhouse (also read African Fashion Show in Hong Kong: All Are Equal; All Are Welcome!), but this time I decided to write less (let you read less), feel more and act more (let you see more). Transformed into a TOPd girl, I focused on how the clothes felt on me and followed that feeling to express and pose spontaneously to show off every distinctive look, that is, to feel a sense of oneness with the pieces I was modeling. It is often said a picture is worth a thousand words. Visuals, after all, are far more direct and straightforward than texts. Let me show you my modeling album and video of Women’s Day Fashion Show and the previous African Fashion Show. Just be honest about what you see, do you like my “demonstration,” si or no?

Women’s Day Fashion Show (Hong Kong)

Designer: Amina Lamarre Delafoulhouse@The Original People Design (TOPd)

Makeup, hair & headpieces: Angel Wong Image

Photographer: Fab Malone

I rocked the exotic bold style with Angel Wong Image’s crystal floral headband to enhance the folklore vibe. Wearing only one Che 2 silver and black dangling earring added a bohemian touch to the overall look.

Everyone can be a Model (Part 2) picture 2

Everyone can be a Model (Part 2) Picture 3

Everyone can be a Model (Part 2) Picture 4

Exotic tribal style can be stylized in an elegant way by wearing a classy origami headband and carrying an evening clutch. I made a fashion statement in this bright tribal fishtail gown exuding both feminine elegance and dareness to express my fashion personality.

Everyone can be a Model (Part 2) Picture 5

Finale – my peacock feather-embellished tri-colored sphere headband echoed with an exaggerated round shape flower featured prominently on the bust of the floor-length tube gown, a wonderful mix of sexiness and playfulness.

Everyone can be a Model (Part 2) Picture 6

African Fashion Night (Hong Kong)

Designer: Amina Lamarre Delafoulhouse@TheOriginal People Design (TOPd)

Make-up artist/hair stylist: Vanilla W.

Photographer: Fab Malone

I believe I can fly; I believe I can touch the sky.” I dream the impossible dream, who says I can’t?

Everyone can be a Model (Part 2) Picture 7
Everyone can be a Model (Part 2) Picture 8

Can you hear me sing “L’amour! L’amour! L’amour! L’amour?!” Carmen came to life on the runway.

Everyone can be a Model (Part 2) Picture 9
Everyone can be a Model (Part 2) Picture 10
Everyone can be a Model (Part 2) Picture 11
Everyone can be a Model (Part 2) Picture 12

Thank you for watching. Now who is next to come up on stage? Don’t be shy, sisters. It’s your turn to shine!

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    • GV Miao says:

      Hi Gemma,
      I’m glad that you like my post and agree with my ideas on modeling. Let’s rock our own runway! :) Happy blogging and keep me posted on your upcoming looks :) Well done!

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