FashionCamp Milano 2011 Part One: the Most Blessed Fashion Event

Event: FashionCamp Milano 2011
Venue: Spazio A Ex-Ansaldo, Via Tortona n.54, Milano
Date: 10th – 11th June

“My summer is being thankful to God” - this was the statement I made for Quiksilver‘s “My summer is….” campaign at FashionCamp Milano 2011. Indeed, without God’s blessings, I wouldn’t have been able to make it to Milan in spite of having planned for the trip for nearly a year. It was definitely the most blessed and inspiring fashion trip I have ever had. The Italian fashionistas I met at the camp are some fabulous people who have opened up my eyes to the intriguing and magnificent world of fashion.

The two-day annual fashion BarCamp took place from the 10th to 11th June at Zona Tortona, Milan’s infamous creative hub with a lot of designers and photographers. Historically this neighbourhood was an industrial area filled with factories and warehouses until the early 80s, when it was transformed into a space for creativity. Today, Zona Tortona is well known to the world as an art and design district and is universally recognized for events and exhibits held at Milan Design Week and during Milan’s annual furniture fair. I was extremely thrilled to have this chance to catch the artistic spirit of Tortona.

FashionCamp Milano 2011 was taking place at Spazio A Ex-Ansaldo in Via Tortona.

There were so many things going on at the camp - seminars, workshops, artistic installations and exhibitions featuring the latest creations with points of difference in design or special expertise in detailing by the participating designers. Designers, photographers, trade visitors, editors, bloggers, stylehunters and many more all got together to share and learn in an open “non-conference.” Discussions and interaction among attendees and exhibitors were happening throughout the event. I reckon true democracy was there and no where else.


Each speaker was asked to put a post-it note on the board to choose a time-slot for their presentation which content was solely decided by the speaker himself/herself. On behalf of GV Miao fashion blog, I gave a short speech entitled “A Brief Scrutiny of the Macro and Micro Environments of the Fashion Industry.” I was probably the only speaker who conducted the presentation in English, though not in Italian. I didn’t scare the audiences away. You may want to check out my presentation script here. 

This speaker gave an eye-opening and insightful presentation on the connection between fashion and Feng Shui at the seminar, incredible!


The high-end casual wear brand Quiksilver set up a tee design workshop for the visitors to create a t-shirt with their own unique signature style that matched their personality perfectly. Everyone could have fun to express their fashion statement through drawing and with art. Drawing at Quiksilver has become one of my many favourite memories from the camp.

This five year old girl came on the second day of the camp. The workshop also served an important purpose in exploring children’s creative potential and cultivating their imagination and innovation through art projects of this kind.

“I draw, therefore I am.” The Jesus Loves You Forever t-shirt was drawn by me. What do you think?

I called this art for art’s sake corner. The fashion students were encouraged to use paper to tailor clothes. Though the paper outfits can’t be worn in everyday life, it is the belief of art for art’s sake aestheticism and the spirit of creativity that count.

The paper clothes were custom made according to an individual’s unique body shape.

This looked so much like a runway showpiece.

Paper installation


Blue denim is this season’s key trend. This denim installation entitled “Denim Arbor” surely stylized the camp venue. I especially like the denim tree which exuded a sense of poeticness and tranquility.

That’s all for now. Feel like knowing more? My experience at the fashion camp was far more wonderful than you can possibly imagine. Keep an eye on more upcoming posts on FashionCamp Milano 2011 which will bring you some extraordinary Italian designers I met. So stay tuned.

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  1. Love the pictures, it appears to have been a wonderful event…I love that they also had graphic art as well as installations…the artist in me…thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thank you for your message. As you may notice one of the purposes of setting up this blog is to bring to the world’s attention any emerging talented Chinese/Asian designers, can you tell me more about yourself and your designs as a fashion graduate and what’s so unique about your designs that you think would make you stand out? Thank you.

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