FashionCamp Milano 2011 Part Two: Evelyn La Starza the Vintage Queen for MAYLILY

When I first stepped into the camp venue, I was amazed at the variety of participating brands there was. I looked among them and chose which brand to visit first. My eyes fell on the MAYLILY booth which exuded an aura of romance and nostalgia. Since 2004, when MAYLILY handmade jewellery was founded, the gorgeous designer Evelyn La Starza has meticulously designed and handcrafted each jewellery piece with vintage lace, fabrics, antiqued brass chain, pearls, Swarovski crystals, etc. in Italy. If you love the vintage and retro style as much as I do, MAYLILY’s “Vintage Lover” collection will be going straight to the top of your jewellery box wish list. I will show you Evelyn’s stunning vintage designs in a bit. In addition to the romantic setting of the booth that caught my eye, having a chance of being photo shooted wearing the jewellery items which were well-matched with my clothes as advised by the stylist made me enjoy myself there. Modeling is something that I never ever thought I could do. Well, a nice try I reckon. What do you think?

Large Vintage Lucite Filigree: The signature round flower cutout earrings and fan shaped retro cut earrings with tiny Swarovski crystals made of Lucite the lightweight transparent plastic are available in an extensive colour palette—lime, olive, tangerine, lavender, saffron—you name it. The 1960s glamorous vintage style combined with a contemporary sensibility created unique pieces which can only be found at MAYLILY and nowhere else.

I’ve got my own pair of purple violet vintage filigree earrings from Evelyn which went perfectly well with my scarf in the same colour tone. Thanks Evelyn!

The “Vintage Lover” collection is full of highly interesting pieces. You can possibly trace the history of a certain item through vintage materials such as from the 1970s from which it was made. I especially like the antique brass cuff and the cream coloured “Sophie” bib necklace handmade with delicate vintage lace, fabrics and pearls. I truly felt privileged wearing them as each piece is individually handcrafted with vintage components, so that no two pieces are exactly the same. I felt like an elegant European lady of the last century while trying on these favourite exceptional pieces.

Flowers Fascinator: The beautiful one of a kind flowers fascinators made from satin roses, fabric flowers, Swarovski crystals and beads from the “La Vie En Rose” collection surely win the heart of any classy women who are fascinated by exquisite craftsmanship and luxurious quality.

The talented and beautiful designer Evelyn looked fabulous modeling her red flowers fascinator for the photo shoot with friends, Erica (right) and Sonia (left).

I had a model shot for the lilac “Colette” necklace made from antiqued brass chain, vintage lace, grosgrain ribbon and Swarovski crystals, and I absolutely love it.

Did these baby pink and white feathers fascinators remind you of the sensual style of 1920s cabaret costumes?

If you want to dress down at weekends, these printed fabrics bangles are a must-have for creating the casual chic street style.

When I first saw this “Madeleine” necklace at MAYLILY on the first day of FashionCamp Milano, I couldn’t help but getting it. It’s unique, classic and beautiful. What impressed me the most about it were the 1970s vintage lace and velvet and the vintage resin cameo which attracted people’s eyes when I wore it to match my crochet knit dress.

MAYLILY is holding a contest on facebook till the 28th August. €200 cash voucher will be given to the model in his/her best shot receiving the most “likes.” Now show your support by clicking MAYLILY Contest@FashionCamp 2011 and start to vote! Oh, did I mention I’m a contestant?

7 Responses to FashionCamp Milano 2011 Part Two: Evelyn La Starza the Vintage Queen for MAYLILY

  1. Looks like you are having a lot of fun and creating some very interesting things! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful and kindest words.
    Maylily heartfelt thanks you for your appreciation and support.
    Hope to have you back here soon!

  3. Sweet! nice and interesting post about Maylily. And love the contest :)E’ stato un piacere conoscerti …it was a pleasure to meet you Vicki 😉 Good Luck! Mari

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