Franco-African Designer Showcase Part 1: a Familiar Name TOPd Keeps Passion Glowing

Compared to a few years back when I first blogged about then walked the runway for TOPd (The Original People Design)’s passionate and bold collection, Amina Lamarre‘s latest designs not only continue to channel individuality, personality and authenticity with dramatic colours and unique exaggerated African prints, but also uphold a strong style statement that will not fade with the ever-changing and unsustainable trends (also read Everyone can be a Model (Part 2) – Watch Me on Stage: My Modeling Album & Video, African Fashion Show in Hong Kong: All Are Equal; All Are Welcome!). By wearing TOPd, I can proudly proclaim that “I don’t do fashion, I am fashion!”

Infused with a vintage vibe, this season is all about retro silhouettes. This full circle “amplitude” dress paid tribute to the flirtatious swinging 50s.

The 60s Twiggy-inspired mini dress with balloon sleeves highlighted the legs and accentuated the feminine figure with the use of a belt.

TOPd‘s signature dresses are full of captivating details. The layers created flowiness and flattering shape.

Wardrobe: TOPd (The Original People Design) by Amina Lamarre

Millinery: Angel Wong Image by Angel Wong

Makeup and hair: Angel Wong Image by Angel Wong

Photographer: Richard Langford

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