Be the Chinese New Year Masquerade Party Queen Wearing Jade Chiu X Muffinhead Oriental 3Dragons™, in one word, exotic!

Chinese New Year is the most important of all the festivals for Chinese people. Traditionally, the celebration of Chinese New Year lasts for fifteen days, starting on the first day of the first Chinese lunar month (January 23 for this year) and ending with Lantern Festival (Chinese Valentine’s Day) which is on the 15th day (February 6). The year of 2012 is the Year of the Dragon according to the Chinese horoscope, which makes this year particularly special and become “the year of years” when dragon babies are expected to hit Chinese communities worldwide in droves throughout the year. Chinese people consider themselves descendents of the dragon, the symbol of the emperor and hence of power, authority, nobility and auspiciousness in Chinese culture in which year babies born are believed to be not just smarter but more brilliant.

Just like Christmas in the west, Chinese New Year is a time for gathering with family and friends. Let’s grasp the last chance to throw a Chinese New Year masquerade party to celebrate this special Year of the Dragon before it’s too late. My Taiwanese born designer friend, Jade Chiu, graduated from Parsons School of Design has got an amazing idea for turning you into a party queen this Chinese New Year. She collaborated with Muffinhead, the New York pop culture artist to launch a versatile exotic accessory collection 3Dragons™ inspired by the Year of the Dragon. The plexi laser-cut pieces can be worn as necklaces or eyepatches at a masquerade party.

Ming collection: I especially like the pendant which is like the Ming princess’ crown. The 3Dragons™ collection comes in several colors: gold, purple and red which represent wealth, royalty and happiness in Chinese culture.

Dragon Kiss collection: How about wearing the geisha white make-up to enhance the oriental look? It’s absolutely my style.

Tai-Pow collection

Start the Dragon year with an exotic glam look and it brings you good luck all year round. Xin Nian Kuai Le! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year!

14 Responses to Be the Chinese New Year Masquerade Party Queen Wearing Jade Chiu X Muffinhead Oriental 3Dragons™, in one word, exotic!

  1. I hope we can all getting better in the dragon year, “the year of years”. Good article with a nice background music 🙂

  2. The Design shows of the Meanigfull Asian taste . It is creative , ancient but with great performance of design.Love it. ^_^

  3. I like the Tai-Pow collection, the colors are wonderful, Very interesting the Celebration of Chinese New Year, I did not know what is done during that time. I enjoyed learning about your culture. Thanks for inviting me to join your blog.

  4. I am in love with the dragon necklace.. I myself wear a jade dragon around my neck as well as have a red dragon tattooed on my thigh, so you can see why I am very attracted to this article.. keep posting!!!!

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