Brighton Fashion Week: A Primitive Couture Night Created by “Roadkill Couture”

In the afternoon of 3rd June, St Martin’s church was filled up with a sense of primitivism, wildness and mystery created by Jess Eaton’s recycled “Roadkill Couture” collection, showcasing couture pieces made of feathers, furs and from body parts of animals that have died naturally or been killed for food. The models dressed in a tight fitted leather dress which accentuated perfectly the female curves coordinated with a luxurious bolero jacket made from rat skin or a billowing cape made from a horse tail and accessorized with a pheasant skull necklace and a beautiful bird wing fascinator effortlessly exuded raw sex appeal and an innate sense of sensuality and seduction, which were a magnet to the audiences under the stage.

The designer used the colour black to convey mystery, sexiness, sophistication and elegance. This signature big bird wing hat served as the main focus of the outfit.

They said Princess Beatrice would love this iridescent fascinator made from four magpie wings. I cannot agree more. I would also suggest Anna Dello Russo wear it to the “Big Four.”

The glamorous bold feather headpiece and the chunky necklace made from mussel shells went extremely well with the hot pants created using a traditional brown check fabric. They certainly helped brighten up the total look.

Finale, what won applause in “Roadkill Couture”s show was not necessarily the professional models walking the catwalk in some breathtaking clothes, it was the inspirational message infused into the show which stimulated every single audience to think about how we treat our animals, and reminded us to take up a respectful and more compassionate attitude towards them.

In addition to Jess Eaton’s “Roadkill Couture,” Brighton Fashion Week featured a stunning array of couture collections by the most renowned and celebrated designers. Edward Finney is well known for his superb tailoring, intriguing experiments with fabrics and the structural beauty of his clothes.

I have a preference for this gold brocade dress with a curtain-like veil which reminded so much of the yellow dragon robes worn by the empress of ancient China.

I saw an ideal alternative to Vera Wang’s bridal collections.

The designer combined complex design with delicate lightweight organza, a very nice try. The bloody red was epic.

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  1. Thanks William. It’s indeed a very inspiring collection. Perhaps we should start to think about how we treat our animals.

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