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Do you remember her? Yes, she is Bita Pourtavoosi the New York fashion handmade jewellery designer featured in my another post entitled “Bita Pourtavoosi’s Metropolitan Design: Less Is More” published two weeks ago. If you can’t get enough of Bita’s simple, fresh, and clean designs, here is your chance to explore more treasures of Bita Pourtavoosi. Come follow me to tour around the latest catalogue of the designer’s fantastic collection and get dazzled.

Bita’s signature stacking sets which consist of a wide range of beautiful, high-quality gold plated sterling silver and brass jewellery pieces such as a fine selection of gemstone ring sets and jeweled bangles are especially worth a mention. Each stacking set allows the wearer to mix and match and creates a unique piece of jewellery all her own that matches her individual personality. What is more, almost every stacking item is embellished with colourful semi precious stones combined with glittering crystals and even elegant fresh water pearls – green amethyst, white howlite, pink coral, red coral, synthetic rose sapphire, tiger’s eye, turquoise howlite, Swarovski crystal, you name it. Such amazing designs made with exquisite craftsmanship featuring rich colours and luxurious materials surely blow your mind.

High Scale Glimmer

Make Me Blush

Bubble Gum Pop

Warm Turquoise

Even if you are not a big fan of stackable jewellery, I’m sure you can still pick something you like from Bita’s equally stunning classic designs. The style is simple yet elegant and everlasting with the best features of modern sophistication. You effortlessly exude the New York chic by accessorizing with Bita Pourtavoosi.

A Big Chunk of Stone Ring

2 Jewels Hammered Hoop

Pyramid Necklace

Machine and Chain Necklace

Come visit artistspringboard boutique for the complete collection of Bita Pourtavoosi. You will discover even more surprises. Now you can purchase Bita’s best sellers at a hot price at Ideeli.com. The discount offer will be up for two to three days starting from the 7th June. All items will be up to 70% off. Shopping at Ideeli.com is easy; all you need to do is to sign up for a free membership. Enjoy!

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