My Modeling Debut: A Blend of Casual T-shirt Culture And Italian Elegance

I made my debut as a stylist/model doing a photo shoot for the “Not Interested In Being A Fashion Icon” slogan tee sponsored by an Italian designer, Alessia Caliendo for LittleBlackDress. It was certainly a fun and fruitful experience for me. Instead of pairing the tee with a pair of average blue jeans, I stylized the look with a pink monogram fedora, a polka dot scarf and a floral bubble skirt, adding a romantic touch and a retro Italian elegance to the overall style. I enjoyed feeling pretty and sweet in the photo shoot. Do I have model potential?

On Vicki Victoire for GV Miao fashion blog:

“Not Interested In Being A Fashion Icon” slogan tee sponsored by LittleBlackDress

Floral bubble skirt by iBlues

Pink monogram fedora by Furla

Polka dot scarf by Kookai

Pink suede ankle boots by InNIU

Gold large hoop earrings by Juicy couture

Grey faux crocodile skin handbag with pink ribbon embellishment sponsored by Alison B. Bags

Styling, modeling & make-up: Vicki Victoire for GV Miao fashion blog

Venue: Stanley, Hong Kong (the Victorian-era Murray House exudes European colonial charm, elegance and style, a perfect venue for my debut fashion shoot)

Alessia picked her favorite shot and featured it on LittleBlackDress‘ official website/online store (pg. 5). If you haven’t joined our GV Miao X *LittleBlackDress* Christmas Gift Giveaway Campaign 2011: T-shirt Slogan Design Contest yet, I hope my photo shoot will help inspire you to think of your life’s slogan which means something to you. Come join the contest!

18 Responses to My Modeling Debut: A Blend of Casual T-shirt Culture And Italian Elegance

  1. You look good out of black 🙂 Fresh light feel for summer. I’ve always been a black wearer, but am in the process of transitioning to light colours, and cream and mutes pinks are my favourites.

  2. Thank you guys, I luv y’all. It’s indeed my very first time managing a model shoot. There’s still a lot to improve. Perhaps I’ll look like a supermodel someday, my dream lol 😛

    • Thank you, Louise 🙂 I’m looking forward to my next photo shoot in Taiwan. I try to borrow some S/S 12 runway sample pieces from MaxMara fashion group. Hope things are going smoothly.

  3. WOW! the T-shirt is ready for launch tomorrow you can purchase the t!
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  4. Its very charming and elegant, the look you try to show from your self as model and also your output for the design ( product). I Love the combination of the color .Dont limit your self to in trying a different combination with color and style. Good job.

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